Photo of the Week Feb 10 2017

Photo of snuffed out candle with smoke.
Photo of the week – snuffed out candle with swirling smoke.


As part of my ‘photo of the week’ series, this shot of a church candle was a lot of fun to take.

Camera, Gear and settings:

with 18 – 55mm kit lens


Camera Settings:

iso 100

Photo Editing/Processing

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Setting Up The Shot

Getting the shot took three people. I could have done it myself, but where’s the fun in that? One of us lit and blew out the candle, the other held the flash away from the camera and pointed at the candle, and there was me taking the photo.

It’s a handheld shot. I haven’t yet developed the habit of using a tripod on a regular basis, mostly because I don’t like the bulk of carrying it around with me when I go out.

I set the camera on single shot, although on reflection maybe continuous shooting mode would have made it easier to capture a nice smoke formation. It took loads of tries before I was happy.

It’s been suggested I crop the top, but I like the expanse of black up above the subject. My reasoning is that it leaves room for text should anyone want to use it as a stock image. What do you think? Leave the top tall and black, or crop it down a bit? Comments on the shot are welcome.


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