Four Photography Project Ideas for February

Coming up with photography project ideas can be challenging. It’s easy to get overwhelmed  because you have too many ideas and can’t decide which to focus on, or go round in circles and get bored with photographing the same subjects over and over again.

Whichever side of the fence you fall on,  here are four project ideas that may get your creative juices flowing and help to focus your attention through February.


#1 — Genre Work

Get out of your comfort zone by focusing your attention on a different genre, preferably one you haven’t tried before. You may need to do a little bit of research to discover what other photographers are doing in your chosen new genre and to give you some compositional ideas to get started. If you really want to challenge yourself, choose a genre you think will be hard. For instance, still life stymies me. I find it hard to even come up with subject ideas let alone try to figure out how to arrange them into a meaningful composition. The shell photo above is a still life example.


#2 — Create a Photo Journal

This is the kind of photographic project that can last a lifetime. You could choose to do it digitally by starting your own photography blog (like I have here) or go old school and buy yourself a notebook.

Digital journals: if you have some experience building websites you could buy a domain name, install WordPress and go from there. But there are many free website options including companies such as Weebly and Wix, both of which offer easily customisable, drag and drop website and blog designs. An even simpler option is to make a deal with yourself to regularly post photos to social media. You could open an account with Flickr or EyeEm if you also want a way to offer photos for sale.

Photo journal notebooks: photos always look different when they’re printed, so printing out selected images and sticking them into a physical book, then making notes about settings, point of view, what you tried to achieve and what you actually achieved, alongside the photo is an excellent way to create a permanent record.  There is also something satisfying about flipping through a physical photo album rather than scrolling down on a screen.

The photo journal also an excellent place to make notes of future photography project ideas.


#3 — Have an Animal Week

Animals make great photography project ideas. Every day during the week, take a photograph of a different animal. Unless you have lots of pets, this will prove quite challenging and may take you out of your comfort zone if you’re not used to photographing strangers or wielding your camera in public areas. Ideas include:

  • Captive animals – if you have a zoo or safari park close by, could you arrange a visit? If not, take a series of photos of any animal that lives in a cage or hutch. Do friend’s have caged pets if you don’t have them yourself?
  • Dogs – take a photo of a different dog every day by going into town or into local parks and public places to find dog walkers. You could ask to visit an animal shelter and get permission to photograph dogs looking for new homes, or visit dog training classes such as those teaching agility. You’ll have to ask permission to photograph, but this is also a good exercise to take you out of your comfort zone.
  • Birds – photographing birds can be a challenge, and you can make it even harder by trying to photograph them on the wing. Make an effort to capture them in their natural habitat rather than on garden feeders, although if garden feeders are all you have they’re way better than nothing.

#4 — The Colour Blue

Take a series of photographs that feature the colour blue. It could be water or blue skies, blue clothing or displays of blue items in shops. Look around your home or workplace for blue items, and look for blue-coloured things that aren’t normally blue, such as food or flowers. At the end of the week gather together all your blue photos and create an album either in your social media or photo journal.

I’ll post more photography project ideas at the beginning of March, so be sure to check back so you don’t miss out.

Have you got any favourite project ideas? Please share in the comments below as the more ideas out there, more chance of us all finding one that hits the spot.


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