Cool Photo Effects with Tree and Lake

Create Cool Photo Effects Easily

Cool photo effects add a lake to this woodland photo.
Adding a lake gives a whole new dimension with these cool photo effects.

Having fun with cool photo effects is a creative exercise that not only gives lots of pleasure but is sometimes surprising. You can take a fairly ordinary image and make it into something special.

Apps used in this mobile edit were Snapseed and Reflect. You can read more about the Reflect app on the developer’s (Brainfevermedia) website here. It’s an app for iPhone or iPad but there are lots of other similar apps for Android too. I just happen to to use Apple. You can also create some brilliant abstract effects using Reflect.

Snapseed is pretty well known to everyone who dabbles with mobile photo editing. You can create some pretty cool photo effects just with Snapseed, but it’s also excellent if you just want to enhance a photo by  correcting exposure or tweaking the sharpness.

The Reflect app creates the ripples within the original photo, so it’s not a composite, just a distortion. The golden light is natural, although enhanced with a bit of added saturation.

This is photo 1 in my series of three. Photo 2 is here.

Personally, I really like it but what do you think?


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