Cool Photo Effects with Added Water Reflections

Create Cool Photo Effects

Creating cool photo effects with the Reflect app.
Water added with Reflect app for really cool photo effects.

Enhancing a photo with cool photo effects really isn’t hard with the excellent digital tools available to photographers these days. The Reflect app is one of my favourites, although it’s not the only one that can create this effect. There are several others built for both Apple and Windows/Android platforms, and some are free. At the time of writing (Feb 2017) Reflect costs £2.99.

The beauty of apps like this is that you don’t have learn complicated Photoshop techniques to get a really good result. The photo may look like a composite (when you realise the water isn’t actually there in real life), but the app creates the effect from the existing photo so there’s no masking or blending involved. The birds are also an added feature.

Apart from the cool photo effects created by the water, I also love the autumn colours and the freshness of the bracken that’s just starting to turn as the seasons change. The slope of the hill adds extra interest, creating a wedge of green between the grey sky and the water for some nice leading lines that pull the eye through the image. It may be a construct (and might possibly benefit from a small crop at the bottom), but it’s one of my favourite images from the last year or so.

This is photo 2 in my series of three. Photo 1 is here.

For a quick tutorial on using the Reflect app, go here.


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