Photography Challenge Win

I was thrilled to bits this week to learn I’d won the weekly photography challenge in one of my Facebook groups.

Photo of cotton reels that won the weekly photography challenge
Screen shot of my winning photo used as a the banner on the group page.

Weekly Challenge Themes

The theme is changed every week, and this week it was ‘Interesting Patterns’. Previous themes have included playing with light, leading lines, and pets. Lasting for just a week, there’s never time to get bored and the variety and quality of images entered by members (all learners in the craft and art of photography) is very high.

Although the group consists of Shaw Academy students and graduates, it’s not run by Shaw. It was started as an offshoot so members have somewhere to gather and share images, problems, issues, and successes in their photography journey.


The Cotton Reels Story

I’d captured the image a few weeks earlier during a visit to the local craft store. The colours attracted me, and while I could easily have walked by, keeping my camera in my pocket, I took just a moment to line up the shot and press the shutter. The temptation not to take the shot was huge, and I’m trying to train myself to ‘just do it’ when something catches my eye instead of second guessing myself about whether it will be a good photo or not.

It doesn’t matter if it’s not a good photo. What matters is that I saw the opportunity and took it. In this case, I’m very glad I did 🙂

Actually, it was taken with my phone (iPhone 5, so nothing fancy).

Not only do smartphones take very good photos, they’re also discreet and fast to use. Where I might feel a bit self conscious with the DSLR, I can whip out the phone and have the image captured with no one any the wiser. We all spend hours every day with our noses pointed at the screen these days, after all.

Here’s the original:

Original Cotton Reels photo that won the weekly group challenge
Original of the photo that won the photography challenge.

It was edited in Snapseed for colour, tone and exposure, and SKRWT (both available for Apple and Android) to align the verticals. The horizontal line at the bottom, if you look carefully, is still slightly out.

It was great to win the challenge, so I can live with that… for now.

And the moral of the story… when you see something that might make a good photo, snap it. If you’re wrong, there’s always the delete key, but if you’re right you might win some kudos from your peers. And that’s brilliant.


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